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Sleeping problem

Solve your sleep concerns.

Parasomnia, sleep walking, and nocturnal bruxism

Put your trust in our advanced research laboratory facility at Sleep Diagnostic Center and be on your way to sleep relief in no time. Our full-service clinic and lab is dedicated to learning more about sleep disorders and finding ways to help people like you enjoy a full night's sleep.

Reduce nighttime disruptions


  • Abnormal physical behavior while sleeping

  • Treatment available through medication



  • Occurs most often in prepubertal children

  • Genetic tendency

  • Lifestyle measures can reduce occurrence


      Nocturnal bruxism

  • Commonly known as teeth grinding

  • Can results in tooth damage

  • Common treatment includes night guards and more

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Take advantage of our comprehensive sleep studies. Our sleep studies occur 7 days a week for your convenience, because we know how important it is to receive sleep disorder treatment.

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