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Wake up refreshed.

Follow our sleep tips for a more restful night

Even if you don't suffer from a recognized sleep disorder, you can improve the quality of you sleep by maintaining healthy sleep and lifestyle habits, as outlined below. If you are curious for more information, we encourage you to give us a call or visit AASM's Sleep Education Website.

Enhance sleep with these tactics

  • Exercise every day

  • Make a daily routine and stick to it

  • Turn off lights and TV before bed

  • Reserve your bed for sleeping and physical intimacy only

  • Set aside time to worry and address concerns

  • Avoid stimulants

  • Avoid sleeping pills

  • Avoid alcohol before bedtime

  • Eliminate any noise or distractions while sleeping

  • Don’t stimulate your mind before bedtime

Start sleeping soundly


Whether it's a treatable sleep disorder or simply a matter of developing different sleep and bedtime habits, our friendly staff at Sleep Diagnostic Center has an answer for your sleep troubles.

Ask us how you can get the most out of our full-service laboratory and clinic.

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